Walk for Life

 Walk for Life 2014 pic

Walk for Life is coming up next Saturday (1/25), and so Walk for Life permission slips are due this Sunday (1/19).

But an alternative (2-step) way that we are providing for you to turn in your permission slip is to have you…

  1. Scan your completed permission slip and email it to Watermark Youth Ministry (watermark.youth@gmail.com) by Monday (1/20), AND…
  2. Bring the hardcopy of your permission slip with you to turn in on the day of the events.

Also, we encourage you to invite your whole family (parents, siblings, etc.), because the pro-life message, recognizing the value of life and human dignity, is intimately connected with the idea of the family! And so if they want to join us, make sure to have them also fill out and turn in either the permission slip or adult waiver.

Lastly, a fitting quote by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to consider on this topic:

Each human being is known by God and loved by him. Each is willed by God, and each is God’s image. Human life stands under God’s special protection, because each human being, however wretched or exalted he or she may be, however sick or suffering, whether born or unborn, whether incurably ill or radiant with health – each one bears God’s breath, each one is God’s image. This is the deepest reason that human dignity is inviolable, and upon it is founded ultimately every civilization.

Hope you’ll join us in walking for life!

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