Top Baseball Prospect Enters Priesthood

Hey Guys,

Came upon this article when I was doing my daily ESPN browsing, and found out that the Oakland A’s top prospect has left baseball to enter into priesthood.  It is awesome to see that he has left his life of potential fame and fortune to pursue a higher calling.

It is also interesting to read some of the comments made by other people.  It has turned ESPN into a religious battlefield.

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3 Responses to Top Baseball Prospect Enters Priesthood

  1. Pat says:

    This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Here’s an older post on our old blog.

    A prospect of Grant Desme’s caliber walking away is sort of the equivalent of an up-and-coming actor retiring from acting – like Blake Lively becoming a nun.

  2. echow09 says:

    LOL. Nice analogy.

  3. Jennifer Kuo says:

    those comments are an interesting read. you get to see the tension through different perspectives, albeit not the most sincerely phrased insights. haha, I like the analogy, Pat.

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