“See the Lord” in Action!

I have always seen Watermark as a training ground for young Catholics, both high schoolers and staff, to go and be salt of the earth. Whenever I hear stories of Watermark alumni out in the world living out their Catholicism, it strengthens me in my own ministry.

As many of you know, we have recently said goodbye to one of our staff, Kelly, and sent her out to live out God’s calling on her life through her non-profit organization, See the Lord. Her first stop is to minister in Taiwan and she has taken a team of five to be with her for two weeks. I was lucky enough to meet up with them over Ding Tai Fong since the Ku family happened to be in Taipei. I got to hear some of their initial experiences and can tell you that the seeds of evangelization are definitely being planted. Already, they are making a splash:

Hi Crystal (0:15)! Kelly speaking Chinese o.O (0:41)!

Here is an article (in Chinese) about STL’s first stop and for the Chinese illiterate, a horrible, Google-translated version.

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