Lead To Serve

Lead To Serve is the Service, Advocacy, and Justice ministry team of Watermark. Its mission is to invite high school students to explore the causes, connections, and consequences of justice issues, especially on issues impacting teens and their families in greatest need. Reflection on Scripture, the life of Jesus Christ, and Catholic Social Teaching leads to understanding the implications on justice and applications to service and advocacy. Upon graduation, the goal is to instill a life-long commitment to service and advocacy in Watermark youth.

Christian service programs that LTS conducts aim to identify the needs of the local, South Bay community and offer high school students opportunities to live out Gospel values through serving their local community. Advocacy work sponsored through LTS encourages youth to analyze policies and programs (domestic, parish-based, diocesan, and international) for their impact on teens & families. It enables high school students to influence the political arena without being partisan and thus promote Gospel values in the greater community. Aside from service and advocacy events, LTS also provides a social justice fact of the week at the weekly Boom Sizzle, which is related to the larger monthly theme to remind youth that social justice is an on-going issue.

Staff Leader: Edward Chow

  • Pio Tsai
  • Harry Chu

Upcoming Events:

Social Justice Themes (2011-2012):

  • Life issues (e.g. abortion, assisted suicide, embryonic stem cells/cloning, death penalty, war)
  • Poverty & Economic Injustice
  • Immigration
  • Human Sexuality (e.g. artificial contraception, marriage, chastity)
  • Hunger
  • Environmental issues (e.g. clean water, climate change, agriculture)